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About Our Roofing

Your roof is the most vital part of your house. That's why we always use the industry's highest quality materials and why our work is of premium standard. A sound roof will ensure the protection and long term maintenance of your property.

As approved contractors holding various different certifications, you can count on us for the roof that you need. We are skilled in many areas of roofing and do feel free to contact us if you have any questions whatsoever.

About Our Team

Established 26 years ago a team of highly skilled workers was assembled and started to enhance rooves everywhere!

A core focus for Shire Roofing has always been customer satisfaction - we're not happy until you are!

2013 sees many new additions to the variety of projects we can undertake as well as simple things like a revised website design. Don't forget to check the portfolio page for new pictures of projects!

We are always moving forward and indeed, look forward to helping you with your current and future projects!

Just a handul of our testimonials:

Mrs D. - Herts
...Many thanks for the great job you and your boys did!...

Mrs T. - Herts
...Many thanks for your swift attention to the inspection grate and subsequent work. We were impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of you and your colleagues at Shire Roofing...

Mr D. - Beds
...the only problem is that now I have to start doing the inside decorating!!...

Mr C. - Herts
...We are really happy with the work, thank you for your professionalism and honesty. We will be recommending your company to our friends...

Mrs P. - Herts
...we are very satisfied with the work and the thoroughness of your clearing away each day...

Other quotes include:
'high-quality craftsmanship' 'quality work' 'professional manner'

Would you like to hear more? We have a folder full of customers positive views on our workmanship...
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