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Here at Shire Roofing Company Ltd we're committed to catering for your every roofing need.

Our bespoke roofing services are diverse, professional, affordable and we're always ready to help you find ways to enhance your home or building.

Our roofing services have been used by a huge array of clients including Hollywood celebrities!

Every project is carefully managed so that you can be as involved as you wish with your roofing project.

Presenting you with a functional and beautiful roof is what we're all about.

Shire Roofing Company Ltd offer a comprehensive and varied range of services.

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Slate Roofing     ͏   Tiled Roofing     ͏  Specialist Lead Roofing Installation

 Mineral Felt & Single-Ply Roofing    ͏  Roof Design

Structural and Cosmetic Carpentry
 ͏      Decades of Experience, Quality and Diversity       ͏